Mayor/Council Members

The Cimarron City Council meets on the first Monday of the month at 6:30 p.m. in City Hall. All meetings are open to the public. Individuals who would like to address the Council may contact the City Clerk to be placed on the agenda.


Gilber Benton – Mayor
Mike Coast – President/Council Member
Darrell Dupree – Council Member
Clover Kinney – Council Member
Zach Duran – Council Member
Amie Schilling – Council Member
Mayor & Council
The City of Cimarron uses the Mayor-Council form of Government. The Governing Body consists of a Mayor and five Council Members. The City Council establishes policy, enacts ordinances and resolutions, holds public hearings, approves contracts and authorizes all public improvements. The members of the governing body must act as a body or unit, and must assemble at properly convened meeting in order for an action to become the action of the city.
The Mayor, the highest elected official of the City, presides over meetings of the governing body. The Mayor is not a member of the council and does not vote on the issues unless, a tie-breaking vote is necessary. The Mayor represents the city in ceremonial capacities as the official city dignitary.
Council President
The City Council elects one of its own body members as “President of the Council,” to preside at meetings of the council in the absence of the mayor. This shall take place at the organizational meeting each year. In the absence of the mayor and the council president, the council elects one of its own body as “acting president of the council.” The president and acting president, when occupying the place of the mayor, have the same privileges as other council members. Although, they preside as mayor, they may debate, make motions, and otherwise act as council members. They do not have the power to sign or veto ordinances.