Building Permits and Zoning Information

Permits (Ordinance 1047)

Permits help to ensure that all construction with the City of Cimarron is built in accordance with the codes the City has adopted. Please visit City Hall to obtain a permit.

Permit Fees

The City of Cimarron prescribes fees for obtaining building permits for certain construction work or structure repair.

Residential new construction: 0.25 cents per square foot

Commercial new construction: 0.35 cents per square foot

General: $25.00 for residential repairs or additions; and $35.00 for commercial repair or additions

General designation includes roofing, electrical repair and expansion, fencing, carports, decks, porches, water heaters, HVAC unit installation and the like.

A permit is required for each of the following:

  • New Commercial
  • Remodel Commercial
  • New Residential
  • Remodel Residential
  • New Roofing & Re-roofing
  • Fences and yard sheds, car ports, decks and porches
  • Plumbing, new construction, service taps
  • Electrical, new construction, remodel or modify service
  • Mechanical, new construction, or replacement
  • HVAC unit installation
  • Water heaters

Permits should be obtained before any work on a project takes place.

Permits are not required for painting, wallpapering, or similar finish work. Minor repairs such as replacing electrical receptacles or repairing pipe leaks do not require a permit.

Special Use and Variance Permits for certain activities that are prohibited in residential and commercial areas are reviewed at a public hearing by the Planning and Zoning Commission.